Wijlhuizen introduces Green Energy/MIPV.PRO

PRESS RELEASE: If the transport sector wants to achieve the planned ambitious 50% reduction of the CO2 footprint by 2030, a lot has to be done. To help customers realize this ambition, Wijlhuizen is presenting Green Energy/MIPV.PRO solar cells in the Benelux region

Perhaps against expectations, the power consumption of new vehicles is only increasing, notes Sander Bredewout, deputy director at Wijlhuizen Group. “This is mainly caused by consumption by comfort-enhancing things such as microwaves, coffee machines and refrigerators. Since sacrificing this comfort is not a realistic option, it is better to look for solutions that can generate sufficient power without requiring energy from the vehicle’s diesel engine. In fact, in the transition to battery-electric vehicles, an alternative power source must be found for such comfort-enhancing accessories.”

Full spectrum

Green Energy/MIPV.PRO solar cells continuously generate energy and ensure that the vehicle’s battery is recharged. This saves fuel and immediately reduces emissions. In addition, there will be less wear on the generator and the battery will be less heavily loaded. They are not regular solar panels: Green Energy/MIPV.PRO solar cells use MIPV technology (Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic). This innovating technology uses the full light spectrum to generate energy. This means that the solar cells already generate electricity before the human eye perceives daylight. This means that in practice you are less bothered by obstacles such as shadow and rain than is the case with traditional solar panels.

The solar cells are not only a smart solution for powering on-board equipment for the drivers, but can also play a significant role in supplying power for the superstructure or trailer. Think of feeding the battery for fans in livestock transport, the battery of the tail lift or with electric cooling. Per Schmeltz (CSO at Green Energy) sees that continuity is an important factor for transporters. “We see that many of our customers use our product to guarantee operational reliability and, in combination with this, to reduce the CO2 footprint.”

By using solar cells for this energy requirement, a direct reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved. In addition, in specific cases it reduces the nuisance for the immediate living environment. Think of idling diesels to keep up with the energy requirement. By being able to rely on solar energy in such cases, there is less nuisance caused by noise and exhaust emissions. The solar cells that Wijlhuizen introduces to the Dutch and Belgian market with Green Energy/MIPV.PRO are completely different from the solutions known so far with traditional solar panels. For example, the solar cells are only 3 millimeters thick. In addition, the cells are flexible and can therefore be installed on non-flat surfaces, such as the roof of a truck. Due to their flexibility, the panels are not sensitive to twisting of the substrate on which they are mounted. Finally, the solar cells are supplied as a ‘plug and play’ solution, which makes installation a breeze and connections are safe and high-quality.

Growth benelux

Per Schmeltz expects a lot from the collaboration with Wijlhuizen Group. “We are looking for strategic partners within Europe and beyond to introduce and implement our solar cells. The Wijlhuizen Group is not only the market leader, but also has the same ambition to help the transport sector reduce emissions. Together, we expect to make a large number of fleets more sustainable this year by using our solar cell technology.”

The Green Energy solar cells will be on display at the Wijlhuizen Group stand during Transport Complete Hardenberg.

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Photo: From left COO Sander Bredewout (WIJLHUIZEN), CSO Per Schmeltz (Green Energy/MIPV.PRO), CEO Karl Andreassen (Green Energy/MIPV.PRO) and CEO Jim Bronkhorst (WIJLHUIZEN)

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