When time is of the essence

Portrait of SSG, a forward-looking company that looks out for the environment.

SSG was founded in 1993, by Gunnar Andersen, Anders Kristensen and Kjeld Albrectsen, and has since then grown to become of Scandinavia’s leading damage repair service providers with around 300 employees and a presence in both Norway and Sweden where they have a sizeable market share.

For SSG, social responsibility and the environment are a crucial part of the company’s DNA and it goes without saying that the company has adopted the ten principles in the UN’s Global Compact encompassing human rights, employee rights, the environment and the fight against corruption.


Tangible objectives


We want to reduce our CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030, and one of the initiatives we have taken to achieve this is to install solar cells on our fleet vans. “When damage occurs, it is important to be able to start off by limiting the damage and start putting it right as quickly as possible. That is now possible with solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro which ensure a power supply to our water vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers etc. as soon as we arrive at the scene. Previously, we often had to wait on an electrician establishing a power supply”, explains Deputy CEO Britt Hennig.

Time – a crucial factor

In an industry such as SSG’s, time is a crucial factor. Indeed, the quicker the damage can be repaired the less risk there is of contamination.  In addition to producing power for vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers etc., the solar cells also ensure an increased range for SSG’s electric vehicles. The 13 service centres dotted around Denmark – all manned round-the-clock – guarantee a maximum response time of 60 minutes from when the damage is reported until SSG is on the scene. The fleet vans are fitted with a 220 Wp set with a Black Box and on SSG’s portable bathrooms there is a 330 Wp set with a Black Box.


SSG has made the conscious decision to utilise new innovative solutions to the delight of their customers and benefit of the environment, and we at Green Energy/MIP.pro are proud that they have decided to install our lightweight and super-flexible solar cells and Black Boxes in several of their fleet vans.

The Black Box solution is available through ALD Leasing and NF Fleet Leasing and by contacting www.mipv.pro.

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