When the sun’s rays make things grow

New country manager in Germany

In the series of subsidiaries, we have now reached Germany where we, along with Green Energy Scandinavia GmbH have opened a new company in Flensburg. In this regard, we are delighted to welcome Claus Bjerno in the new post as country manager and agent for the German division in partnership with CEO Karl Andreassen. 

New country manager

Claus Bjerno, who took up the post on 1st September 2021, is 54 years old and was born and grew up in Aarhus. After successfully completing a Higher Diploma in Commerce, he worked in major international companies in management positions in Germany to which he relocated in 1997.

Claus Bjerno is married to Ulrike from Germany and together they have a 15 year-old daughter. The family, who moved to Kollund in 2016, speaks both German and Danish on a daily basis and the daughter attends a German private school in Flensburg.

Claus, who lives an extremely active lifestyle, enjoys using the natural surroundings around Flensburg to run and go tours on his mountain bike and the family’s VW California bus.

An international co-player

Claus Bjerno’s long working life in international companies, particularly in those focussing on the European market, has meant that he has been a major bonus to have on board and he will be able to contribute with his extensive inter-cultural knowledge.
Besides a high degree of professionalism, a keen interest in green energy is another thing that brought us together.

New country manager

I see a great future for green energy and particularly solar energy, exclaims Claus Bjerno, who is looking forward to representing Green Energy in Germany and is certain that the location of the company’s new headquarters at 2 Lise-Meitner Strasse in a technology centre in the heart of Flensburg, where the innovation and network department is pivotal, is the ideal location. It is a melting pot of clever minds, where thoughts and ideas become reality, which is 100% in the spirit of Green Energy/MIPV.pro.

More employees

In connection with the opening of the new subsidiary in Germany, a number of new demo cars have been deployed, and mobile technicians have been employed throughout Germany who will primary service Europart’s 115 sales representatives and divisions. We are looking forward to the great partnership with Europart, who are Europe’s leading distributor of parts for lorries, vans and buses.

New country manager

Who are we?

Green Energy/MIPV.pro is a global company with a central warehouse in Denmark, we are supported by both the Norwegian innovation foundation and the Danish growth foundation.

We offer a wide range of products which utilise the sun’s energy in an innovative way, and then converts this energy to an economically sustainable benefit for everyone.

Our products are aimed at everyone from the camping enthusiast who wants to be self-sufficient to major contractors who are seeking a secure energy supply for their machinery.

All of Green Energy Scandinavia’s products are designed in Scandinavia. To a great extent, our solar cells are produced from recycled materials and therefore leave a very small footprint on the environment. Read more about our Plug-and-Play set here:

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