When the chips are down, the help is near

An electrician from Højgaard Installation saved the day for a building work during a storm thanks to solar cells

When the power is out and the groundwater level under a new building work rise, it is good to have a delivery van with solar cells. That is the conclusion at Højgaard Installation after a recent power cut.


We meet the electrician Simon Hasselbalch to talk about the dramatic hours where delivering one’s own power made a vital difference in the damage containment. Because of an error in a cable cabinet, there was no power in the pumps that were supposed to protect against the rising groundwater, risking flooding the houses being built. A 190 Wp solar cell set with a 2000 W sinus inverter was installed on his guard car, ensuring 220 V from the vehicle from Energy/MIPV.pro plus an extra consumption battery. That setup provided power for the two pumps.


Solar cells are also a significant help for everyday use and the direct access to 220 V. There are always batteries for tools. If there is a need for using, e.g., an angle grinder, you are not dependent on the building site having electricity. It is also easy to install working lights, and in total, it provides great freedom and flexibility, which is hard to do without. The inverter is pure sinus, ensuring a longer lifespan on the connected electronic; see more on www.mipv.pro.


Højgaard Installation was established in 2003 by Allan Højgaard, and today they employ 15 hands. They provide services to private people and companies in all the Triangle area, do contract jobs for the business community all over the country and are ready with counselling before a potential bidding process.

We at Green Energy/MIPV.pro are proud of collaborating with Højgaard Installation.

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