When perfection and creativity go hand-in-hand

Portrait of DBR – Dansk Bus Renovering, a skilled cooperating partner

The company was founded in 2005 and became a strong player in the field of renovating and remodelling buses, with special adaptations based on the customer’s needs and wishes.

Dansk Bus Renovering

Over the years, everything from specially fitted buses for nurseries, library buses, specially fitted buses for motor sports, luxurious VIP buses, and party buses have all rolled out of the workshop. Strong expert knowledge and a good deal of creativity is needed, as the projects spring from the customer’s ideas, helped along the way by the strong team at DBR, who welcome in new, green measures.

Dansk Bus Renovering

Excellent handiwork

We’re meeting mechanic and technician Rasmus Rosenberg at the workshop on a day when he’s installing solar cells on a bus for a large pension company. Jan Dupont from Green Energy/MIPV.pro is providing advice and guidance today. “It’s an incredibly smart system, easy to work with” says Rasmus Rosenberg. This is the first bus that is having solar cells installed, but green development and the customer’s request to include green energy are clearly the way forward, as he says. This bus is being fitted with a 640-Wp set.

The bus will be used as a mobile health centre by the pension company. The bus will be fitted with a waiting area, office, and examination room. A flexible and highly mobile way to reach businesses that have a health agreement with them.

A broad range of customers

Director Simon Würtz states that up to 12 buses come out of the workshop a year. This is not assembly line work. Each bus has its own challenges. Customers from all over the country come to us, says the director. Many municipalities such as Herning, Lyngby-Taarnbæk, and Slagelse. They have a clear focus on getting green technology into the buses.

Dansk Bus Renovering
Lea Bondo, Hedensted, is a trainee at DBR. “the solar cells are a wildly clever touch,” she says. Lea wants to become a mechanic or a car painter, and we look forward to working with her one day.

Not just construction

The renowned company offers the whole package, including service, repairs, and engine service. This clearly shows the high expert standard DBR presents, and at Green Energy/MIPV.pro, we are proud of our cooperation, and we look forward to delivering many more solar cell sets via EUROPART.

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