Weikost, your reliable transport partner

At Weikost they have chosen to install solar panels on their lorries.  This gives them increased operational safety and a better fuel economy

With a strong conviction that speed, reliability and efficiency paves the way to succes, the family-owned company Weikost GmbH, based just outside Bonn, Germany, has run a transport and shipping company since 2009. By using the newest technology, the company strives to create the best and most efficient solutions for the costumer. Combined with the installation of solar panels on the roof of lorries it is all contributing to an increased operational safety.

Innovation and training are valued highly  

At Weikost they know that every order is different. They are therefore working from a comprehensive solution concept. With the use of the newest telematics system, a constant and ongoing optimisation of their transport service is taking place. The company’s 30 employees are continually being educated in their field of expertise, so they can effectuate any assignments for the costumer in the most effective way. Planning is being prioritised and an individual time schedule is made before every transport. Thorough planning also secures a financial liable operation. Installation of solar panels is introduced as a part of optimising the operation. 

Regular shipping and transport or special transportation 

Besides a wide selection of shipping and transport transportations, Weikost also offers special transportation. More specifically this is express shipments, moving transportation or courier services. With a 22 units large fleet consisting of lorry pullers with mega trailers, special cooling trailers with double temperature zones or Mercedes Sprinter to mention a few, Weikost has a solution for almost every request.  

Installation is an investment in the future  

Oliver Böcher from Green Energy/MIPV.pro has installed the first 110Wp solar panel set on the company’s DAF XF460. The installation of solar panels gives a cost saving of 500+ liter fuel annually per longhaul lorry. Oliver has met Fleet Manager Kevin Kostin for a talk about what made them come up with the idea of solar panels.

“We have through EUROPART gotten great product advice and recognized the advantages of the product. With the solar panels, we are achieving an increased operational safety. The driver needs energy for the coffee machine and the like. Now the battery doesn’t deplete and we avoid idle driving. We save fuel and CO2 emissions. The plan is to install the additional vehicles with solar panels after the test phase has ended,” Kevin Kostin concludes. 

We congratulate Weikost GmbH with the installation. 

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