We have the perfect solution for the craftsmen who doesn’t want to stop

MIPV.pro offers a Danish-developed inverter that gives you the peace of mind of stable power for tools and machinery. We supply inverters ranging from 1000W to 4000W in bother 12V and 24V versions.

At their peak, the inverters have double output compared to its continuous output.  For example, with a 2000W pure sine inverter you get a peak output of 4000W.


The fact that the inverters are pure sine inverters has a massive bearing on the service life of the machinery etc. attached to the inverter.  We have ensured the pure sine wave as these are genuine Trafo inverters with copper coils and iron cores. 

These products are built for many years’ intensive, heavy-duty usage. And all inverters have advanced Soft-start, which enables you to use power-intensive machinery, for example, an angle grinder. The inverters are protected against overloading, short-circuiting and crossover.

Our inverters are supplied with a remote control as standard. This can be placed inside the cabin, thus ensuring easily accessible operation.

We recommend that the inverter is switched off when it is not being used in order to minimise power consumption when it is idling. However, all our inverters give out a warning if the battery is about to go flat, therefore preventing you from starting the machine.

Like all our other products, our inverters are Plug-and-Play. Product boxes bear a QR code which links directly to a detailed installation video on our YouTube channel.

Our products are E-labelled, through which the guarantee in the vehicle is maintained. All our inverters come with a 2-year warranty.

løsningen til håndverkeren

MIPV.pro is a global company which has its central warehouse in Vejle. We are supported by the Norwegian Innovation Fund and the Danish Innovation Fund.

We have many years’ experience in supplying inverters to the professional market and our customers’ feedback typically highlights a high level of reliability and a long service life.

We offer a wide range of green, sustainable solutions specifically aimed at the professional sector of the transportation market.

Our products are traded by europart.net.

løsningen til håndverkeren

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