Volunteer Fire Department Powered by Solar Cells

When the alarm goes off at the volunteer fire department in the Portuguese city of Albufeira, solar cells are powering their equipment. Sponsored by Green Energy/MIPV.pro

In Albufeira, the volunteer fire department is always ready when there’s a fire or rescue. No matter which situation the volunteers face, time is a crucial factor. A donation of solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro is now installed on two of the task force vehicles. The solar cells deliver battery power and 220W in the vehicles.

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Development and innovation

The volunteer fire department was established in 1977. Today, there’s 60 volunteer firefighters always at the ready when they’re needed. A lot of time and energy is put into the training of new cadets. They go through intense first aid training and also participate in the early Albufeira Sea Fest. It’s important to be visible in the community to attract new volunteers.

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A green profile

Two out of the department’s 30 vehicles now have solar cells installed. It’s not only the direct access to 220w that’s appealing, but also the reduction in fuel and the prolonged battery life. That’s why the plan is to install solar cells on many more of the department’s vehicles. “This way we avoid idling” fire inspector Paulo Freitas states. Also, it’s a good thing to do for the environment, so there are several advantages

It is Ricardo Gonçalves, regional manager for Green Energy/MIPV.pro Portugal, who has installed a 110 Wp solar power system in one of the task force vehicles, and a 220 Wp system in the other one.

Local visibility and social responsibility

We at Green Energy/MIPV.pro have also chosen to make a donation to this volunteer fire department. We have chosen the city of Albufeira as our headquarters for the Portuguese department and therefore we want to contribute to the community.

It’s not the first time that Green Energy/MIPV.pro takes on our social responsibility. Because of the long life on our products, we have initiated a Second Life project in Africa. Read more here.

You can also read more on the volunteer fire department in Albufeira – FACEBOOK.
Contact your local EUROPART department and find a solar power system that fits your needs.

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