Victor races towards the stars at the speed of light

A 12-year-old go-kart talent from Vejle dazzles with his motorsport. Green Energy/ is a new sponsor for Victor and his electric go-kart.

That the young boy from Vejle should drive a go-kart was not written in the stars. It all started with a family trip to a local go-kart track almost 3 years ago. After Victor had tried his hand at the go-kart, he exclaimed: I want a go-kart, to which the answer came with a smile on his face from father; if you can beat the course record, you get one. So that’s what the young lad did, obviously for both children and adults, and it’s still Victor Odin Soria who stands at the top of the rankings on the field.

Switching to an electric motor ensures sponsorship

After driving two seasons with good results, 9 first and second places out of 11 races in 2021, in the OK class in the mini 60 group, Victor is betting on driving with an electric motor in his go-kart. The first race will be at the DM, which will be held in Roskilde on 28th of August this year. The switch to an electric motor has now resulted in us at Green Energy/ choosing to be a sponsor for the young go-kart driver with the shining talent. In addition to installing solar cells and an inverter on the workshop trailer, so that the young driver and the team’s mechanic always have access to power, we also sponsor new tools and equipment as well as a cash sum. It is an expensive sport and we at Green Energy/ want to support the local talent, so that Victor and the family can focus on the sport.

Active and focused young man with a dream.

Every day, Victor goes to 4th grade at sct. Norbert school in Vejle, in addition to homework, there is a training program that must be adhered to in order to keep fit in the demanding sport. Training takes place 4 times a week on pitches in either the parent club Grindsted or Søndersø and Vojens. Together, the three clubs provide a variety of turns and courses that prepare the young driver for races around the country. There is also training at home in a driving simulator.

It is Victor’s father who has built it so that it fits the young talent exactly. However, there is also time for friends in the busy schedule, says Victor with a smile, so we often play computer games, it is also good training for the ability to react, adds the proud father. When asked what Victor dreams of, the answer comes quickly and without hesitation: I want to be the world’s best F1 driver.


It is Victor himself who has visited all his sponsors and secured an agreement and we at Green Energy/ are proud to be involved in ensuring that Victor’s dream becomes a reality. You can read more about the young karting talent here:

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