VDL TTI and CIGS Solar Cells: The Road Towards Green Transportation in Norway

Managing Director at VDL TTI Bjørn Øyvind Stenersen shares the company’s fascinating journey and Norway’s green change within the heavy-duty transport industry with CIGS solar cells

We are happy to announce our new exciting cooperation with the recognised Norwegian company VDL TTI. As our largest retailer in Norway, VDL TTI tags along on our journey towards a more sustainable future.

In this exclusive video with the Managing Director from TTI, Bjørn Øyvind Stenersen, he shares VDL TTI’s extraordinary history and takes us one step closer to understanding Norway’s green transition. He also sheds light on why CIGS solar cells are a perfect fit for the heavy-duty transport industry, which is on the brink of embracing greener solutions.

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Contact VDL TTI for pricing and information on Green Energy/MIPV.pro’s solar cell solutions for the transport industry in Norway. For inquiries and support in the rest of Europe, reach out to Europart, our dedicated distributor across the continent.

Visit: www.tti.no (Norway)

Visit: www.europart.com (Rest of Europe)

You can download the Green Energy/MIPV.pro catalogue here.

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