VDL TTI: Towards a Greener Future as Norway’s Leading Partial Supplier for Heavy-Duty Transport

VDL TTI plays a decisive role in ensuring efficient and sustainable heavy-duty transport in the long and complex country, in terms of logistics, that Norway is

TTI (Truck and Trailer Industry AS) has an impressive history that dates back to 1963 when the company was founded as a modest two-person company in Oslo. Today TTI is an important actor and has established itself as Norway’s largest spare part supplier for the heavy-duty transport industry.

Despite being a part of the Dutch company VDL, TTI has managed to keep the agility and proactive approach reminiscent of a small company.

The family-owned company VLD has succeeded in maintaining a European production and establishing itself as a trustworthy actor in the industry. This combination of size and flexibility gives VDL TTI a unique market power.

The close dialogue

VDL TTI’s philosophy is based on close cooperation and dialogue with its customers. They believe that open and continuous communication is the key to success when buying and selling goods. This is reflected in their main warehouse which is built from feedback from customers and their needs. Regardless of the size, VDL TTI considers every partnership equally important.

In being a good service partner, VDL TTI prioritises an open and close dialogue with their customers. This has led to their successful partnership with the municipality of Oslo – one of their biggest clients. Through close interaction, VDL TTI has obtained a deep understanding of the Norwegian climate goals and the current and upcoming restrictions forced upon the heavy-duty transport industry. 

Ready to make the change green

VDL TTI knows that green transition is a large part of society, and inevitable within the heavy-duty transport industry. They have long since recognised that the industry can’t ignore the demand for sustainable solutions. Therefore VDL TTI is open to new technology and environment-friendly technologies, which can make a significant difference to their clients, particularly in Norway’s fight against climate change.

– In an industry generally characterised by the love of the smell of diesel and roaring V8 engines, we are experiencing that the drivers and companies within the sector realise the urgency of contributing to the green transformation. It is an incredible development, and we are happy to present these new possibilities to them, says Øyvind Stenersen, Managing Director at VDL TTI. 


Together towards greener transport

Green Energy/MIPV.pro is determined to change the industry’s perception and show that green transport is not just possible, but valuable to the environment and the companies.

The partnership between VDL TTI and Green/Energy/MIPV.pro has shown the way for an ideal solution to make heavy-duty transport in Norway greener.

– The partnership marks an important milestone in our efforts to make heavy transport in Norway greener. We are delighted to keep our close cooperation with VDL TTI and thrilled about the possibilities that lie ahead, explains Karl Andreassen, CEO at Green Energy/MIPV.pro.

Want to know more?

In an exclusive interview, listen to Bjørn Øyvind Stenersen tell about the company’s extraordinary history and Norway’s green change with CIGS solar cells. 

Contact VDL TTI for pricing and information on Green Energy/MIPV.pro’s solar cell solutions for the transport industry in Norway. For inquiries and support in the rest of Europe, reach out to Europart, our dedicated distributor across the continent.

Visit: www.tti.no (Norway)

Visit: www.europart.com (Rest of Europe)

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