Safe delivery with Valeri Müller Spedition

Valeri Müller Spedition delivers the product safely and on time by using the newest techniques. Now, solar panels on trucks will be part of the solution

At the company, Valeri Müller Spedition in Nuremberg in Germany, on time-delivery has been ensured due to well-educated staff and by use of the newest technology on the market. Most recently, the company has mounted the first solar cell kit from Green Energy/ on one of the Mercedes semi-trailer trucks of the company.

20 years of experience and a broad variety of tasks

At the freight forwarding company, the tasks range from regular routes and individual pallets to complete truckloads. The 70 employees ensure safe delivery on time at cost-competitive prices through automated processes, the newest technology, and training. This is where the solar panels from Green Energy/ enter the picture. By installing solar cells on the roof of the semi-trailer trucks, the aim is to have bigger operational reliability and extended battery life. Furthermore, fuel is saved, as the driver avoids engine idling. 

Strong cooperation for a better environment

It is Mathias Richter from Green Energy, who has participated in installing the first 165Wp solar panel kits on one of the 50 vehicles of the company, a Mercedes-Benz Actros GigaSpace. He met with key account manager Klaus Temirzanov for a chat on why the choice fell on our solar panels.

“We learned about these solar panels through a presentation with EUROPART. It is a solution known for sustainability and great efficiency, so the choice wasn’t difficult. When we save fuel, the CO2-emissions are also reduced. The plan is to install panels on two more trucks here and now,” Klaus Temirzanov concludes.  

We congratulate Valeri Müller Spedition on the first installment.

Read more about the company here: www.vmü
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