TST Transportlogistik Thinks Green

Committing to green innovation: solar panels help TST Transportlogistik’s fleet operate more reliably

TST Transportlogistik has headquarters in Alzenau, east of Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Since its foundation in 2001, the company has strived to offer complete logistics solutions specialising in forklift trucks, construction machinery transports, transports with excess height and excess width, as well as express transports throughout Europe. The company is constantly developing and expanding its services to provide full-service logistics. New initiatives are based on the goal of making logistical processes efficient and ensuring operational readiness at all times of the day and night. This has led, among many other measures, to installing solar panels on the first TST articulated truck.

A simple solution on land, at sea, and in the air.

The company offers its solution with a personal contact person. This ensures fast and reliable communication. This contact person handles everything from coordination to customs paperwork and the necessary payments to speed up the handling process. Whether it’s the delivery of sports cars or motorbikes for test drives or the relocation of machinery, the 30 employees are always on hand. With a fleet of 20 articulated trucks and several custom-built trailers, the company lives up to its motto: “While we’re on the road, you can relax”.

The company also offers courier and express services. As in any other industry, time equals money. In addition to the regular courier service, TST Transportlogistik also offers a personal courier who delivers sensitive documents in person.


Individual storage solutions complete the service

As a natural extension of TST Transportlogistik’s ambition to provide total solutions, the company also offers a storage service in its 6500 square meter warehouse. They offer all kinds of storage solutions, from pallet racking to unique storage solutions for items up to 6 meters in length. The company offers a 24/7 service every day of the year.

In 2018, the company had the opportunity to present a total solution Total solution for the transport, assembly and installation of a laser radar system to one of its major customers at the world-renowned “Electronica” trade fair in Munich. The installation at the fair and the subsequent installation at the customer’s site was a great success.

Development and innovation are the way forward

TST Transportlogistik works according to the motto “develop or go home”. The market is highly competitive and growing fast, so it is necessary to work determinedly with the use of new technologies and solutions in order to maintain its position. This has led to the company deciding to install a 165 Wp solar solution on one of its articulated trucks, a Mercedes Actros. A Green Energy/MIPV.pro employee was present at the installation and spoke with Managing Director Torsten Schönwiese about the motivation for having solar panels installed: “We became aware of the solar panels during a product demonstration and had them recommended to us by our contact at EUROPART. The figures we have seen show that the installation of solar panels leads to significant fuel and energy savings, as well as a longer service life of the connected batteries, which enables us to run a competitive business and reduce our CO2 emissions at the same time. The transport industry is often criticised for its climate impact, so this will also improve our company image. We plan to have more solar cell systems installed on our vehicles,” says Torsten Schönwiese.

We congratulate TST Transportlogistik on the first installation.

You can read more about the company here: www.ts-transporte.de

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