Transport logistics is the order of the day and now also certified MIPV.pro solar cell fitting

For many years, TSL GmbH has been a successful service provider within all sorts of transportation and logistics. Through that, they also have their own workshop, and here the staff has just been certified by Green Energy/mipv.pro for installation of the market-leading solar cell products delivered in cooperation with EUROPART.

Through their experience and use of the newest technology and software, they enable logistic solutions through their customers and green CO2 saving products, ensuring the environment because of diesel savings and fewer replacements of batteries.


In the pictures, trained employees install 220 Wp plug and play sets on one of TSL’s special trailers. These trailers are two-deckers with lift and lowering decks/floors, and special elevator lifts on the back. This means large hydraulic systems require electricity. The trailers are installed with powerful AGM batteries, which are now charged by solar cells, making idle running avoided to as great an extent as possible.


With all types of vehicles benefitting from a solar cell set, find the right set for your vehicle www.mipv.pro.

With their headquarters in Groß-Umstadt and units in Dietzenbach, Raunheim and Neu-Isenburg, and in Magdeburg in the future, they are optimally prepared for all client needs.

We thank TSL’s incredible workshop staff and TSL’s management for a good collaboration, and together with EUROPART, we are excited about the future.

Read more about TSL on: www.tsl-gmbh.de. Find your local EUROPART unit where you can buy Green Energy / mipv.pro products www.europart.net.

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