Rental equipment from Trucktat GmbH – now with solar cells

Trucktat GmbH rents transport equipment to the agriculture and transport sector. Solar cells are tested on the roof of their fleet of vehicles

When commercial vehicles are needed for farming and agriculture, it is Trucktat in Lichtenfels-Rhadern in Germany you rent from. Since 2007 they have created a name for themselves far beyond the borders of the region.

The family-owned company’s motto is: ”anyone driving slurry, don’t have to drive a piece of shit”, and it shows both a sense of humour and a strong desire to provide quality service. Now, they have expanded their service and installed solar cells from Green Energy/ on their first vehicle.

Rental equipment from Trucktat GmbH – now with solar cells

A big fleet radiating quality and reason

With a fleet consisting of 250 trailers, tractors, and farming vehicles, the company can deliver a fast, efficient, and user-centred solution. “Time is also an important factor for our clients”, states Lars Dörrbecker, CEO of Trucktat GmbH. “Our vehicles are fully equipped with coffee machines, microwave ovens, and the like, to ensure the best possible comfort for the driver” Lars Dörrbecker continues. This is where the solar cells enter the picture and make a notable difference. We expect to see a prolonged lifespan of batteries, as well as carbon neutrality on the road.” On the question of why they chose solar cells from Green Energy/ the answer is that it provides flexibility and is incredibly easy to install.     

German Gründlichkeit, a test, and a greener future

Oliver Böcher, a German technician at Green Energy/, has had the pleasure of assisting the installation of two 110Wp solar cell sets on the first Trucktat truck, a DAF XG+, for testing. “We could well imagine several sets being installed after the initial testing phase” states Lars Dörrbecker. “It is a win for both the environment and our economy.”

At Green Energy/, we congratulate Trucktat GmbH on their first solar cell set.

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