Traveling with the sun as a companion

A journey throughout Europe in a remodelled van with Green Energy/MIPV solar cells on top

Two young Danes have decided to go on the travel of a lifetime throughout Europe in a remodelled van. The van does not appear like any other van. On the roof of the van, it has been mounted with a 220W solar cell set, a ren sinus inverter 2000W, a charge controller and booster, as well as a 200Ah lithium battery from Green Energy/MIPV. By applying solar cells onto the van, they wish to be self-reliant on electricity during their trip and able to camp in nature.

En reise med solens hjelp

We have received an update after the first three weeks of their journey and the solar cells are above all expectations. 

“It is a really cool way to travel. Until now we have been able to rely solely on our own power. We don’t feel limited in any way, and we can cook, heat and charge all of our power appliances” says one of the travellers, Emil.

Our inverter, which has been mounted, delivers ren sinus. The fact that the inverter is ren sinus has a large effect on the durability of the appliances, computers and such that are connected to the inverter.

One of the many advantages of using the super flexible solar cells from Green Energy/MIPS is, that they have been built for a life on the road, and thereby don’t receive any microcracks. Therefore, there is no risk that they will start a fire, which is an important factor when they are mounted onto any camper or camper van, where people might sleep. You can see more about the difference it makes right here:

We are happy to hear that the young travellers have chosen to share their experiences with us and thank them for their beautiful photos.

Remember that you can also get solar cells for your next adventure. Contact your local EUROPART and find the solution that fits your needs.

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