Transintertop is using solar panels to transition to green transport

Transintertop has committed itself to sustainable logistics and has installed solar panels on its fleet to achieve this goal

The company Transintertop Kft. is located in Környe, Hungary. Since 1997, it has rapidly expanded and become a major player in Hungarian road freight transport and logistics. With this growth comes a desire to contribute to sustainable transport.

Visible Growth

After initially focusing on freight forwarding, the company began expanding its facilities and diversifying its services, including intermodal transport, as it acquired more of its own vehicles. The fleet now consists of over 150 trucks and 185 trailers, supported by more than 300 employees across eight departments.


Effective Planning

Skilled freight planners guarantee competitive and sustainable transport solutions. Their goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030, reflecting their core value of sustainability. That’s why they have chosen to install solar panels on their trucks as part of this commitment.

Initiatives such as acquiring the EcoVadis Silver certificate and starting intermodal transport demonstrate their commitment.

Recently, they partnered with Green Energy/ to install 165Wp solar solutions on two Scania R-500 trucks, making an investment in environmentally friendly transport and obtaining certification as an installation partner for Green Energy/’s products.

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