Green Energy/ – training of two new country managers

Theory and hands-on training make the new country managers ready for new assignments. Green Energy/ expands with new departments in Poland and Sweden

2 new country managers

The first part of the training of the new Polish and Swedish country managers has been kicked off. Bartek Jankowski has been hired as the new country manager for Poland and Sasa Tomic as the new country manager in Sweden. They joined the company on the 1st of May 2022, and both come with strong technical knowledge.

They arrived at Green Energy/’s headquarters in Vejle, Monday the 2nd of May. At the headquarters, they received the first part of their training which consisted of an introduction to the company’s organization and values.

Furthermore, they received a broad theoretical knowledge and thorough training on how to fit all our solar cell products, so they are well prepared for any upcoming challenges.

2 new country managers

The mounting training

Their first assignment was to mount a 220Wp solar cell set onto a bus. The bus is used by students at AMU Fyn. By applying solar cells onto the bus, they wish to save fuel. The solar cells charge the battery and thereby extend its battery life.

2 new country managers

One of the other assignments was the mounting of a 220Wp solar cell set with isolating relay, a charge controller, and a 200A lithium deep cycle battery onto a van from the Danish company Jysk Gas & Teknik ApS. A 2000w inverter was also mounted onto the van. It gives access to 220V within the van. This gives the user the perfect opportunity to charge tools and connect most machinery, wherever they are.

It has been a real pleasure to experience Sasa and Bartek’s large commitment during the first part of their training. A warm welcome to the new country managers of Sweden and Poland.

2 new country managers

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