The first municipality is riding the green wave – with a solar cell product

Green Energy / can proudly present yet another product in its ever-growing portfolio of solar cell products that contribute to a greener future by delivering the first Automower Solar House to a municipality, thus ensuring a 100 percent flow of green power to its robotic lawnmowers.

solcelleprodukt fra Green Energy

The Scandinavian-designed Automower Solar House is constructed in a timeless and dynamic design that fits in perfectly with its surroundings. The product is design-protected.

It is important for Green Energy Scandinavia A/S that there is consistency between words and actions – we want to ensure green power, but at the same time take on a massive responsibility for ensuring that the environment is impacted as little as possible.

With its environmentally-conscious profile, Green Energy has constructed the Automower Solar House in 100 percent organic recycled materials. Similarly, the solar cells are produced exclusively from recycled materials, for example, flat screens.

solcelleprodukt fra Green Energy

The mobile Automower Solar House makes it highly suitable for use in organisations with numerous plots of land. Automower Solar House is 100 percent off-grid – so no troublesome connections. All products and components from Green Energy are E-certified and the integrated Lithium batteries are internationally approved for transportation which protects them, among other things, against fire in the event of penetration. 

The decentralised construction means there is no need for costly power cable excavations to often remote supply sources which makes the product highly usable on, for example, protected or isolated areas and also helps ensure a greener, more sustainable future with no price-raising excavations to the supply network.

solcelleprodukt fra Green Energy

It is important to us that our products are developed so that they provide the best performance in the market – whatever the weather – and the garages have an extremely high capacity and can supply power, even after several days without sunshine. The technology used for the solar cells was developed for American tanks and NASA.

The first Automower Solar House has been set up centrally in the municipality and beside the national monument for the Danish king Harold “Bluetooth” at Kongernes Jelling (Home of the Viking Kings).  Both the Automower Solar House and the actual solar cell panels have been designed and constructed in extremely durable materials and, for example, playing children crawling around on them has no effect. Similarly, the houses are protected against water-voles and moles getting into them from below.

solcelleprodukt fra Green Energy

The Automower Solar House has been specially adapted for Husqvarna robotic lawnmowers.

Husqvarna has robotic lawnmowers for all sizes of area.

The Green Energy Automower Solar House product is aimed at a professional sector, such as parks, golf courses etc. Green Energy Scandinavia’s products are, of course, designed in Scandinavia and Made in Denmark. 


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