Sustainable transportation ensures leading position

The timber logistics company Bockelmann-Holz from Germany is dependent on sustainable transportation. With solar panels on the roof of their truck fleet, the company has become even greener

Led by the vision of building the largest and most advanced company in the timber logistics business, Klaus Bockelmann founded the company Bockelmann-Holz GmbH in 1974. With success. Today, the company has around 150 employees, is leading in its region, and delivers to the timber processing industry in Germany and abroad. 

Throughout the years, the goal has constantly been to focus on sustainability and minimal environmental impact. This also includes a modern energy and timber recycling center. Waste timber and byproducts are here recycled in an environmentally friendly way. All timber comes from sustainable forestry. Based on this environmentally conscious way of thinking and action, the decision has been made to install the first solar panel sets on one of the company’s own semi-trailers. 

Sustainable transportation ensures leading position

Fuel savings, fewer carbon emissions, and more reliability

Oliver Heinze from Green Energy/ accompanied the installation of the first 165WP solar panel set on the roof of their first semitrailer. He has spoken to garage manager Philip Wind on why the company has chosen to use these solar panels: “With regards to the solar panels, we have a clear goal, that is to save fuel and reduce our carbon emissions. In addition, we ensure a constantly charged battery and thereby a ready-to-run vehicle. This provides the driver with everyday security. We can trust that the deadlines we agree upon with the client are kept,” explains Philip Wind. “We were convinced of the technical abilities of the system through a product demonstration provided by EUROPART. The flexibility and sturdiness of the solar panels are ideal for our business, timber transportation, so we made up our minds pretty quickly. After the testing phase, we plan to install more sets.”

We congratulate Bockelmann-Holz on their first installation.

Sustainable transportation ensures leading position

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