Strong cooperation makes way for green project is a green project. The first bus with solar cells on the roof has rolled out on the road. This is a cooperation that ensures greener transportation

In Mühlhausen/Thüringen, west of the German town of Leipzig, you’ll find, in daily speak just RBG. With 11 city routes and 38 regional routes, their 100 buses and 140 employees ensure that passengers quickly, easily, and safely all year round arrive at their destination.

As with everyone else, bus companies are struggling with high fuel prices. Which has pushed a green project like solar cells on the roof of one of their buses. The green project will help guarantee fuel savings and at the same time reduce carbon emissions.

An upgrade with new technology

This is one of RBG’s Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses, which has made its roof available for the installation of a 960Wp solar cell set with data logging. The flexible solar panels from Green Energy/ are installed directly on the roof of the vehicle. The panels themselves are produced from used iPhones and iPads. Read more about MIPV solar cells here.

The idea is that solar cells must guarantee power for the cash register, ventilation, and the like, in the bus. Hereby the bus doesn’t have to use fuel for power production, which each year will save up to 900 litres of diesel and 5 percent AdBlue per bus. And by virtue of lesser carbon emissions, it’s good for the environment. The total amount of carbon emissions from 1 litre of diesel is 2.68 kilos. Hereby 2.4 tons of CO2 is saved annually on this vehicle alone. Imagine the whole bus fleet of Europe with a similar installation.

Joint investing provides useful knowledge for everyone

Oliver Heinze from Green Energy/ has assisted with the installation of solar cells and the data logger in cooperation with technicians from the company Federn-Osswald.

The data produced from this green project is important for Green Energy/ It can be used for highlighting the advantages of solar cell installations on vehicles. We are delighted that RBG has agreed to participate in this project. CEO Nils Opperman of RBG explains why they said yes: “All RBG buses can save 60.000 litres of diesel annually from the total amount of 1.5 million litres used. With the current fuel prices, an investment in solar cells will quickly be rewarded.”

We congratulate RBG on the installation.

Read more about the bus company here
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