Spedition Remmen is relying on solar cells and green energy

An increased fuel saving and extra comfort for employees. Spedition Remmen goes green and gets solar cells on their trucks

We can tell you a lot about our flexible solar cells – we are always happy to do so. But we prefer to give our clients the word. On August 26, 2022, at Spedition Remmen in Bedburg-Hau, a 640Wp system with 8 panels was installed on a Scania truck. Garage foreman Sascha Gipmanns sums up:

”We are very satisfied with the solar cell set from Green Energy. Because our work varies a lot with regard to weight, traffic, and routing, it is not easy to compare before and after fuel consumption. But after this short while, we can already say that we are saving fuel because additional units like the lifting platform, the stationary air conditioning, and electrical units in the driver’s cabin are supplied with electricity without the engine running.

Spedition Remmen is betting on solar cells and green energy

We have the following advantages:

For the company/the freight forwarder:
• Fuel savings
• Increased engine lifespan
• AdBlue savings
• Sustainability and a positive outlook on the environment

For the drivers:
• Additional units (e.g. refrigerator, stationary air conditioner) are also supplied with power during the weekend, or when the vehicles are parked over a longer period of time.
• No unnecessary engine use, which prevents the cabin from heating up and reduces the noise level.
• Drivers can safely use electronic units such as microwave ovens, televisions, and coffee machines to feel as comfortable as possible in the truck.
• A guarantee that the truck has sufficient power to start, despite several users.

Both companies and drivers are very content. We are certain that we have made the right decision and will most certainly equip several vehicles with it.

A great thanks to EUROPART for selling the solar panel set and to Green Energy for the innovation and the support for the initial installation.”

Sascha Gipmans, garage foreman, Spedition Remmen GmbH.

Spedition Remmen is betting on solar cells and green energy

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