With Spedition Horst Schulte you will get assurance and experience

Spedition Horst Schulte offers transport solutions. With the installation of solar panel sets they are focusing on carbon neutrality and fuel savings

With almost 60 years of experience under the belt, clients will have a reliable and competent freight forwarding partner in Spedition Horst Schulte Gmbh & Co.KG. With optimised workflow and innovation, the company also delivers competitive service. And the installation of the first solar panel set on one of the company’s semi-trailer trucks ensures that they will be even more competitive on the market. From this installation, every vehicle will save between 500-700 litres of fuel. 

Domestic and international transportation

Based in Schwelm north of Cologne, Germany, the company offers both bulk cargo and consolidated loads domestically as well as internationally. This also includes courier service with express delivery all over Europe and complete solutions for transportation, storage, and logistics. With a 7,500 sq. m closed warehouse and approximately 2,000 sq. m of covered open depot, it offers these solutions for most clients, regardless of size. Furthermore, the company has permits for special transportation and dangerous goods. All work processes have been ISO certified since 2000 and are continuously monitored and improved.

An all-round auto repair and truck wash service

In 2003, an independent auto repair shop was taken over by Horst Schulte, and today, a competent and experienced team offers all-round services for commercial vehicles. As with the rest of the organisation, education is in focus, and everyone is working closely together to offer the best and quickest service for all brands.

It also has a truck wash for commercial vehicles and vehicles with bodywork up to 4.12m can be cleaned in the wash hall.

An investment in the future

Oliver Böcher from Green Energy/MIPV.pro has assisted with the installation of a 165Wp solar panel set on the first of the company’s 28 vehicles, a Mercedes Actros 1851 from 2021. In this context, he met with the technical manager of the company, Markus Schulte, for a talk about choosing solar panels from Green Energy/MIPV.pro:

As a freight forwarding company we are very dependent on a high level of operational reliability. Then we heard about this product through EUROPART and we were immediately interested. With this system we can reach a high level of operational reliability, as the battery retains power even with the engine turned off, we save fuel because we don’t idle, and it is also a big step toward carbon neutrality. Another huge factor is that the product is approved for installation on trucks that deliver dangerous goods,” Markus Schulte explains and continues: “The plan is to install more of these on several vehicles and trailers.

We congratulate Spedition Horst Schulte GmbH & Co. KG on their first installation.

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