Søndergaard and Svaneby saves the day with solar cells on the company car

The Danish carpentry company, Søndergaard and Svaneby, has seen the light in the shape of solar cells on the roof of their company car

Like many other artisans, Tømrerfirmaet Søndergaard and Svaneby is dependent on power for their tools and for charging the batteries when on the move.

With solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro installed on the roof of the company car, they are now guaranteed 230V of power on all projects. This provides flexibility while also being beneficial for other workers on the construction site totally without power.

Installation data:
Solar cells: 220Wp
Inverter: 2000W
Van: Iveco Daily Transporter

We thank the two owners for their feedback.

Would you also like to have sufficient power for fully charged tools when on the go? Reach out to your local EUROPART department and avoid flat batteries.
Visit Tømrerfirmaet Søndergaard and Svaneby at: www.soendergaard-svaneby.dk
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