Solid craftsmanship and a strong passion at Brdr. Plagborg

Portrait of Brdr. Plagborg A/S, a strong business partner

Brdr. Plagborg (Plagborg Bros.) was established in 2002 by the three brothers Carsten, Jens Jørgen and Karl Erik Plagborg.

Solid craftsmanship

The company builds up the bodies of delivery vans and lorries to the customer’s specifications, and as Denmark’s leader in the field of building up electric lorries, they are an extremely exciting business partner for Green Energy/

We meet Director/owner Peter Højgaard Hansen for a chat – a man with a clear passion for his work and the company.


Every day, 5 finished vehicles must roll out over the kerbstone. That is equivalent to between 1200-1300 vans annually, of which around 800 are courier vans, 300 lorries and a number of specialty vehicles. A tour of the workshops shows a company which, with the highest level of professionalism and fantastic planning makes this possible.

Solid håndverk

A wide range of vans from vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes, Ford and MAN leave the workshop with solar cells fitted.

The most recent project involving a permanently fixed solar cell set is the building up of the new Maxus electric delivery vans. The building up of these vehicles has not yet commenced, which is why we are not able to show photographs at the time of writing.

The company has built up the first 100% electric lorry from MAN, to which 640 Wp solar cells from Green Energy/ have been fitted on the roof. They will supply the vehicles batteries with power for cooling etc. of the large lorry.

Solid craftsmanship

The string of electric delivery vans and lorries that have gone through Plagborg is long, and includes everything from an E-Crafter to a Mitsubishi Fuso Ecanter and Master ZE.

Solid craftsmanship

With Brdr. Plagborg’s long and extensive experience in the sector, it has been a highly productive learning curve for Green Energy/ to accompany, from the sidelines, one of Scandinavia’s biggest vehicle bodybuilders as it moves into a new era with new challenges.

“We are proud to be a piece of this jigsaw, together with EUROPART”, exclaims Karl Andreassen, CEO of Green Energy/

Plagborg delivers primarily to dealerships but has also delivered to private individuals.

The customer’s needs

The idea of incorporating solar cells in the vehicles arose in tandem with customers’ needs, and these needs will continue to increase. Here, it is a great advantage to be first on the market, as Peter Højgaard Hansen puts it.

On electric vans featuring a lift, the solar cells are designed to generate power for the lift. It is the same with refrigerated vans, tow trucks or on vehicles on which a powerful 220V power outlet – all of these have a direct need for power.

Solid craftsmanship

“For us, as a company, it is important that all components are top quality. If a component we have fitted fails, we fail”, exclaims Peter Højgaard Hansen.
This common requirement for quality is one of the reasons we chose to cooperate with Green Energy/

“Our company has signed up to the UN’s global targets, but this is not something we use in our marketing, for us it is important that it is part of every employee ‘s mindset, that is when it really means something”, says Peter Højgaard Hansen.

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