GM2 Tours – New Solarbus Distributor in Morocco

Green Energy A/S is proud to announce that another significant mobile solar cell agreement has been signed, this time for solar cell distribution throughout Morocco. 

This is an important and valuable agreement for distribution and installation of the entire MIPV-program, including the well-known sets.

The agreement was made at the latest Global Passenger Meeting (GPN) in Prague between Mr. Youssef Mourad – Founder & CEO along with his son Mr. Thami Mourad – Vice President of GM2 Tours, and CEO of Green Energy A/S, Karl Andreassen.

Solarbus Distributor in Morocco

GM2 Group (GM2 Tours & GM2 Car companies) is a well-run and healthy family business that after the start in 2005 is now in the process of introducing 2nd. generation Mourad into the company. The family owns one of the largest fleets in Morocco. The fleet consists of coaches, buses, minibuses and limos.

GM2 TOURS is the owner of 2 large garages and associated workshop specially designed for heavy vehicles. The company already builds buses from scratch, so there is a great deal of knowledge in the company’s staff. Sales, assembly and service under the same roof.

The company has shown a constant and impressive growth of around 40% per year for the last several years. This is a successful and hard-working company that shows a prosperous Morocco.

Green Energy deals only with professionals who serve the professionals in their local industries, and here GM2 TOURS will be a perfect match.

“These are professional people with a long experience running workshop capacity in connection with valuable experience of vehicle construction” says Karl Andreassen during the conclusion of the agreement.

Green Energy A/S is a Norwegian company with branches and distributors in different parts of the world and central warehouses in Denmark.
The company specializes in all parts of MIPV.PRO (mobile integrated Photo Voltaric), i.e. solar cells on vehicles and ships.

The company has through its own developed products and extensive technological development created a complete product range within MIPV.PRO which can be seen on

Karl Andreassen
Green Energy A/S
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Thami Mourad
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