Solar panels on construction sites – a smart solution

What do you do when you as a craftsman are the first to arrive at the construction site and no electricity has been established?

A good example is the company Hovmand has established solar cell solutions from on their cars and has very good experiences with this. Their service cars can always start, they always have fully charged batteries on all their tools and then they have got 220V-2000W power outlets in the cars.

They always mount this themselves as plug and play packages from Solar, what is called a MIPV base set 190 Wp for the service cars. But now Hovmand takes the step further and mounts the somewhat larger MIPV Maxi set 320 Wp on their tool containers / trailers.
Again, they assemble themselves and have then purchased a storage battery next to the set.

A plug and play set from contains everything you need, cables, fuses, inverter, charge controller CIGS solar panels, etc. Now the company has lights in the container, charging batteries, 220V – 2000W and so on. completely autonomous wherever the container is parked.

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