Scandinavian-developed solar cells – with new advanced technology

The solar cells of the future – light, safe and super-flexible. When safety and performance go hand-in-hand – made from recycled materials and 100% re-usable

CIGS technology is totally unique and specially adapted for a life in a vehicle. It absorbs all the colours of the light and on the roof of a vehicle will produce around 40% more energy than other solar cell technology in a similar location.

Furthermore, these solar cells are not shadow-sensitive. No energy is lost if, for example, the solar cells are partially covered by ladders etc. secured to the roof.

The technology was originally developed for the US Department of Defense and NASA and can cope with the most extreme weather conditions and extreme external influences.

CIGS solar cells comprise 4 components – Copper, Indium, Gallium and Selenide. We recover the Copper from waste cable, and the Indium and Gallium from flat screens. The Selenide is obtained from refined Quartz sand.

It is extremely important to us to ensure that we almost exclusively use recycled materials – nothing is mined. Our policy on recycled materials has meant that we now get countless square metres of solar cells from a discarded iPhone screen.

The totally unique method of burning the components on a very thin stainless steel plate means that the solar cells achieve an extremely high degree of flexibility. The actual active layer is 2 µ ( 2 thousandths of a millimetre) thick.

solar cells

Avoids the risk of fire

Avoid micro cracks or hotspots. This is now possible with our well-known super-flexible CIGS solar cells from Green Energy/ which are not susceptible to micro cracks or hotspots, meaning that they do not constitute a fire risk. Our solar cells have been specially developed for mobile devices. solar cells are applied with special glue

The technology differentiates itself by being less sensitive to heat, which is the enemy of all solar cells when it comes to energy production. Here, the CIGS technology loses less than half of the production capability due to heat compared to other solar cell technologies. 

The special glue on the back of the solar cell is a Green Energy product and works as an insulator on the surface of the roof where it will be able to withstand a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius between the solar cell panel and the surface of the roof, thus protecting any heat-sensitive insulation in the vehicle from melting.

Due to patents, it is not possible to show the whole process of manufacturing the solar cells, but here you can see a video of how the unique glue is applied to the back of the panel. Production takes place in Denmark.

Optimal yield

To get the optimal yield from the CIGS solar cells, Green Energy/ have developed a special MPPT Charge Controller which, with its specially-developed Multi Power Point Tracking software, is optimally designed specifically for CIGS. This Charge Controller is available for acid-lead batteries, AGM batteries etc. and in a version specially designed for Lithium batteries.

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Easy installation

The solar cell panels can be installed easily as they are pure plug-and-play. Using the accompanying QR code, you can see a detailed installation guide on our YouTube channel

All of our solar cell panels can be effectively combined with our Danish-designed and patented inverter, available from 1000W to 4000W in both 12V and 24V versions. See more here:

Our solar cells are only sold in complete plug-and-play sets and not individually. See more at:

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Watch this little movie about microcracks and hotspots on solar cells. Our solar cells are specially developed for all mobile devices and without fire hazard.

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