SCREP S.A. install solar panels in cooperation with Green Energy

SCREP S.A. utilizes the light and ensures green power for better driver comfort and CO2 neutrality

SCREP S.A., a company with headquarters in Pombal, Portugal, have chosen to install our solar panels on the first of their trucks to ensure better comfort for their drivers as well as better fuel economy and a longer lifespan of batteries.  

A broad field of work

The company, founded in 2007, employs 17 staff members in 5 departments. The work areas are commerce, repairs, preparation, and transport of heavy vehicles with a special focus on Scania vehicles. Now, the garage is certified to install the flexible solar panels specially developed for road vehicles.

Human resource management and economical rewards

It was Ricardo Goncalves, regional manager of Green Energy/ Portugal, who has visited the company and in cooperation with their mechanics has installed the first set of solar panels. A 110Wp solar panel set with a 2000W inverter on a Scania truck.

SCREP S.A. install solar panels

Regarding the question, what made SCREP S.A. decide to install solar panels, the answer from business executive Ricardo Henriques: “We wish to create the best conditions for the company’s drivers. They need power for microwave ovens, coffee machines, TV, etc. With the inverter, there is direct access to 220V. Saving fuel and extending the lifespan of batteries is just an extra plus.” Now, we will test the first truck, but the plan is to have installations on several vehicles, Ricardo Henriques continues. Through the local EUROPART department, the company was informed of the solar panels.

We congratulate SCREP S.A. on the first installment and look forward to delivering several more sets for the benefit of both the company and its employees.

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SCREP S.A. install solar panels

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