Green energy at the Forefront: Scania Helsingborg instals CIGS-solar cells on Samat’s Fleet

We visit Scania Helsingborg and are there for the installation of the CIGS-solar cells on a significant part of Samat Nordic’s fleet

Scania Helsingborg has achieved certification as an installer of CIGS-solar cells, which marks an important milestone for their involvement in green transportation.

However, the strategic collaboration between Samat and Scania Helsingborg is even more remarkable. By combining Samat’s vision of green transportation and Scania Helsingborg’s expertise as a certified installer of Green  Energy/MIPV’s Plug & Play-solar cell solutions, a strong partnership is created with a focus on sustainable transportation.

Sustainable transport

Together, Samat and Scania Helsingborg will play a vital part in promoting solar cell technology in transport fleets and raising awareness of the positive environmental benefits of green transport.

The partnership is simultaneously proof that big visions and brave actions can change the game for green transport. Samat and Scania Helsingborg pave the way for a sustainable future where green technology is an integral part of the transport industry. Their collaboration is an example to follow and an important step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. 

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