Green transport revolution: Samat, Scania, and Green Energy join forces

A strong alliance for sustainable transportation: Samat International AB, Scania Helsingborg and Green Energy/ join forces to transform the industry

Samat has once again taken the initiative to explore sustainable alternatives for its fleet of trucks. As a certified installer of Green Energy CIGS-solar cell solutions, Scania Helsingborg plays a major part in the implementation of this environmentally friendly solution.

After extensive tests on 2 test trucks, Samat has already installed solar panels on additional 10 trucks, and the goal is to equip 50 % of their fleet with the solar cell solution in 2023. This project brings significant benefits, including reduction of fuel consumption, CO2 emission, and increased comfort for the drivers.

The data savings are documented and based on data from Scania Telematics. You can find more information by contacting our technical department.

Samat and Scania Lead the Way

The impressive Samat-group is not simply a European family business – they are a giant on the transportation scene. In more than 40 they have been a strong and resilient player in the industry, creating their own footprint and continuing to grow. From their headquarters in France, they have expanded their reach and are now present in twenty locations and a dozen more in Europe.  

With their formidable fleet of more than 2.000 vehicles and exceptional expertise developed over 44 years, they transport no less than 11.200 tons of liquid chemicals in stainless steel tanks and containers every single day. With Samat behind the wheel, there’s nothing too big or too complicated for them to handle.

But it doesn’t stop here. Samar Nordic AB, which has its roots in the Baltic Sea, has positioned itself as a powerful figure in Estonia, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, and Sweden, and is today Scandinavia’s largest chemical transporter.


Environmentally Friendly Transportation on the Way

– The partnership between Samat, Scania Helsingborg, and Green Energy is a shining example of a collaboration with one common green vision in mind. The project paves the way for a sustainable future by reducing environmental impact and increasing awareness within the industry concerning the importance of green technology, says Karl Andreassen, CEO of Green Energy/  

Their dedication to making a difference is evident through the ambitious goal of equipping half of Samat Nordic’s truck fleet with plug & play-solar cell solutions. Already this year, they are an inspiring force with an obvious green stance and engagement.


A Greener Road with Increased Comfort

It is not only the environmental benefits, but also the driver’s comfort that plays a vital role in this project.

Solar cell solutions reduce the level of noise and create a more comfortable working environment without the need for idling. In addition, solar cell solutions ensure a stable power supply for devices such as refrigerators, heating, and charging units, while significantly extending battery life. This contributes to their well-being, safety, and productivity along the way, while strengthening the industry as a whole. 

New Green Standards

– We are proud of the collaboration and are convinced that Samat and Scania Helsingborg are setting new standards and creating a path towards a more sustainable and responsible transportation sector, where green technology and comfort go hand in hand, concludes Karl Andreassen.


Read more about the Samat-group and their groundbreaking initiatives by visiting their website

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