Ocean Explore-Maritimo Turística – Sailing the Sea on Solar Power

When the Ocean Explore-Maritimo Turística sets out from the beautiful coastline of Algarve in Portugal, it’s now carrying solar cells. It’s good for the environment and for the finances

Sun and sailing are made for each other. So, the Portuguese company Ocean Explore-Maritimo Turística, Lda has united the two. Recently, they had solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro installed on one of their boats. The company was established in 2017, and today they have 10 employees.

Ocean Explore-Maritimo Turística, Lda offers their guests boat rides, guided kayaking, and stand-up paddle trips at the amazing Algarve coastline. Algarve has it all – beautiful cliffs, caves, and white sandy beaches.

Sailing the Sea on Solar Power

The First Trial Boat

The regional manager of Green Energy/MIPV.pro in Portugal, Ricardo Goncalves, was the one installing the solar cells on the trial boat from Ocean Explore-Maritimo Turística, Lda. When asked why he chose solar cells, CEO Marco Guerreiro states that “We depend on nature and the ocean”. Solar cells make it possible for us to reduce our fuel consumption by a significant amount. At the same time, we don’t have to use our generator as much and therefore we’re also prolonging the battery life.

The goal is that every single one of the company’s boats will have solar cells installed. “It’s an investment in our future” states CEO Marco Guerreiro.

The solar system installed on the boat is a 640 Wp system. You can see all our plug-and plays systems here.

Sailing the Sea on Solar Power

An outstanding performance

The beautiful boat now with solar cells was presented at an outstanding event. Here special guests were invited on a boat trip. Before the trip, the public and the press had a chance to take a look at the boat and ask questions to employees from both the Danish and Portuguese departments of Green Energy/MIPV.pro.

At Green Energy/MIPV.pro we are very proud of having delivered solar cells to another satisfied customer in collaboration with EUROPART. Read more on www.seaalgarve.com.

Contact your local EUROPART department if you also want to ride the green, sustainable wave. We also have a solution for you!

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Sailing the Sea on Solar Power

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