Safe, fast, and punctual transportation – with solar cells on the roof

Heinz Schröer Transport is your assurance when it comes to professional transportation of break bulk cargo. They work towards a greener future with solar cells on the roof

The logistics company Heinz Schröer Transport has provided safe, fast, and punctual land transportation of cargo since 1971. It is Andre Schröer, second generation, who today is in charge of the recognized transport company in Hünxe, north of Düsseldorf. The company has always known the fact that if you do not adhere to the progress of development, you will perish. It has now led to the installation of solar cells from the Scandinavian company Green Energy/MIPV.PRO on the first semi-trailer truck.

Heinz Schröer Transport

Safe transportation of any kind of cargo

In a world where time is crucial, punctuality and flexibility are keywords for success. At Heinz Schröer Transport 40 employees are ready to make sure that all transportation is carried out perfectly and on time. With 26 trucks driving with any kind of cargo between Germany, France, Spain, and the Benelux countries, careful planning is required as well as thinking and acting economically. An idea that has led the company to install solar cells on its first truck.

A green mindset and certification for installation service station

In regard to the installation of the first 165Wp solar panel set on a MAN TGX semi-trailer truck, Heinz Schröer Transport has been certified to become an installation partner for products (Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltarig) and can now install solar panel sets and other products from Green Energy/MIPV.PRO in cooperation with EUROPART.

It is something we are happy to offer our clients, says Christian Overkämping, head of the garage at Heinz Schröer Transport. “The goal is to become co2 neutral and to participate in environmental protection. The solar cells will be used for both the starter battery and the consumer battery, we must avoid idling because it is both expensive and harmful to the environment”, says Christian Overkämping. 

At Green Energy/MIPV.PRO we are thankful for the new cooperation and congratulate Heinz Schröer Transport on the first semi-truck with solar cells installed. 

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You too can get a greener profile and have solar cells on your vehicle. Reach out to your local EUROPART and find a solution that matches your needs.

Read about the opportunities in GREEN ENERGY’s brochure.

Heinz Schröer Transport

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