Green Energy recruits both experienced and graduates

Recruitment at any career stage: Meet Ruth and Nadja, who combine experience and youth

In a time when organisations are struggling to attract and retain talented employees, we have chosen a different approach to recruitment. At Green Energy, we decided to think outside the box and take a unique approach to recruitment.

Unique recruitment

Diversity is a core value at Green Energy, not only in terms of gender, race, or background but also in terms of age and work experience. At Green Energy, we want to create a work environment where all employees feel valued and included, regardless of their background and career stage.

In fact, there is a 53-year age difference between the oldest and youngest employee at Green Energy and a 32-year difference in work experience. But what we see is that age diversity and work experience create innovation across generations.

Bridging generations and experience

An example of this unique approach to recruitment is Ruth Lauritzen, who is 78 years old. Ruth had already retired after a long career as an accounting manager. She never expected to return to the labour market, but after persuasion from Karl Andreassen, co-founder at Green Energy, she went back to work and has now celebrated her 3-year anniversary as an accountant at Green Energy.

Ruth says, “I love that some companies welcome everyone. Personally, I think it is fun, and that is why I keep going. My colleagues’ enthusiasm keeps me motivated, and the company’s exciting journey sustains my engagement and keeps my mind sharp.”


Inclusion of young talent

On the other side of the spectrum is Nadja Ahrenfeldt, who was hired by Green Energy before completing her master’s degree in 2022. Nadja is grateful for the opportunity she has been given and says: “I see many of my former classmates struggling to find a job, and I think it is such a shame that companies are not giving these very competent young people a chance to show what they can do.”

Nadja is a great example of how young people and recent graduates can be part of a modern organisation like Green Energy. She was given a lot of responsibility from the start and has recently been promoted to Head of Communications. For most companies, this is unheard of and against the hirachy, but for us, it is not just about age or work experience.


The key to innovation

This story shows that both experienced people and young people bring something unique to the table. While Nadja represents the young talent with up-to-date knowledge and an eager willingness to learn, Ruth shows that age is just a number. Her experience and dedication has been invaluable to Green Energy’s accounting function for the past three years.

At Green Energy, we continue this recruitment because diversity and inclusivity in Green Energy’s workforce is essential for success. We believe that by giving both silver-haired and young talent a chance, we hold the key to innovation and remaining competitive in an ever-changing sustainable energy industry.

We are constantly looking for the most qualified employees, so whether you have years of experience or are a graduate, we encourage you to send us your application.

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