Effective Powerbank with power outlet

This Powerbank is your electrical jerry-can and green energy solution every day!

Do you like the idea of portable power for your rechargeable batteries so that you will never run out of power out in the field?

With Powerbank you avoid the traditional generator – and you no longer have to look for a 220V power socket for the cable drum.

Powerbank facts:
• 1.000W inverter with 1.500W in peak
• 100% pure sine wave
• Built-in 1.5 kWh lithium battery
• 2 pcs. 220V outlet with a total power of 1.000W
• USB and USB-C plug
• 12V socket in the form of cigar plug
• 2.500 cycle battery
• Weight: 15 kg
• Measurement: 371 x 165 x 365 mm

Extra: You can buy a smart-box-charger built into the vehicle. It ensures that your Powerbank is charged via the vehicle. Purchase: You have the option of charging the Powerbank with a solar cell solution via the built-in MPPT charge controller.

• Charged from 220V – full charge in max 8 hours
• Powerbank includes 220V charger
• Charged directly from solar cells via built-in MPPT-Charge Controller
• Charged with minimum of 1 pcs. 95Wp or 2 pcs. 55Wp solar cells

Powerbank Order No: 8000 151 500
Smart-box-charger Order No: 8000 122 415