Perfect for the driver’s cabin – save on fuel costs and battery life

Yet another fleet of new trucks are rolled out with solar cells solutions from MIPV.PRO , this time it is EUROPART who have delivered to the ESA workshops.

The Plug and Play set used has 165 Wp and has been installed to provide power to the truck’s 24V main batteries. By using this solution, you avoid the truck’s power draining away during breaks or when it is idling. Besides the major advantages in terms of power of using solar cells you will also see a modest saving on diesel of 150 litres a year, but this is not a motivation factor for customers, here it is about operational reliability on a day-to-day basis and the extended battery life.

fuel costs

This project is the ESA workshop’s first installation of solar cell sets from MIPV.PRO, therefore a technician from MIPV.PRO was present. During his time there, our technician helped the workshop and its employees acquire certification so that they are now ready to install the sets in even more lovely DAF trucks.

All components in a MIPV.PRO solar cell set are E-certified – this means that the warranty on the vehicle can be maintained and will not be affected by the installation. This makes MIPV.PRO sets unique in the market.

Moreover, our solar cells are produced from 100% recycled materials and the expected service life far exceeds the trucks they are installed in. A natural consequence of this is that our products have a “second life”. Used components are reused and used for, for example, generating electricity in developing countries.

Congratulations to ScanLogistic on their new fleet of DAF trucks with SOLARTRUCK.PRO rooftop sets now being rolled out on the Scandinavian highways.

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