Green Energy/ Returns to Its Roots to Conquer the Green Market in Norway

Green Energy/ will promote the green transition in Norway’s heavy transport industry using CIGS solar cells

With strong partners, Green Energy/ is ready to conquer Norway and lead the charge for a greener future, driving the transition to sustainability in the heavy-duty industry.

Norwegian homecoming

After several years of successfully conquering new markets all over the globe, the time has come to take on a new one. Nothing could be more optimal than returning to our Norwegian roots. With our parenting company located in Oslo, we got the opportunity to take advantage of all that knowledge and experience within green energy and sustainability that are within our borders.

For many years Norway has been a prime example of green transitioning – now the time has come for the heavy-duty transport industry. With its beautiful nature and extensive transport infrastructure Norway is a perfect country to address logistics challenges. Our CIGS technology makes it possible to utilise solar energy effectively and sustainably, which makes us ready to deliver solutions and a more sustainable future for everyone – also heavy-duty transport.

Groundbreaking technology will secure Norway’s green leadership

Our revolutionising Charge Controller with its built-in IoT solution makes it possible for us to monitor and optimise energy usage intelligently while ensuring a sustainable utilisation of solar energy. Already we have positioned ourselves well on the Norwegian roads with our strong actors, and together we are ready to take the next step on our mission to create a sustainable future for all.

Our presence in Norway isn’t just about conquering new markets. It’s about coming home. Norway was where it all started, and our Norwegian roots have always been a part of our identity and mission. Now the time has come to take on the Norwegian market and show everyone what we can do. With our CIGS technology and dedicated team of experts, we firmly believe that we can make a difference – not only in Norway but all over the world.

A green home ground

Norway is our home ground, which gives us a unique possibility to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in green energy and sustainability. It’s also a challenge. Because we know expectations are high. Norway is a country of high standards regarding sustainability and creating a green transition, but we are ready to live up to the expectations and demands present.

We aren’t scared of the new challenges in front of us. We look at it as an opportunity to show what we got and create a more sustainable future for us all.

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