New major cooperation agreement with EuroPart Nordic

PRESS RELEASE: As part of the massive growth in Green Energy it is with pride that the company announces a comprehensive cooperation agreement with EuroPart Nordic.

It is a pleasure for Green Energy / MIPV.PRO to announce that the company, in line with the ambitious development plans, has today entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with EuroPart Nordic.

EuroPart Nordic covers the countries Denmark, Sweden and Finland as part of the large EuroPart group based in Germany.

The collaboration will include 24V-230V inverters on the Danish market where customers can be found within trucks and buses. In Sweden and Finland, the agreement also covers`s 12V-230V inverters.

These inverters have created an almost legendary reputation for long durability in the industry.

In addition, the agreement covers the entire distribution of Green Energy`s brands, which are solar cell solutions within minibuses, city buses and long-distance buses.

Buses are distinguished by consuming large amounts of electricity for, for example, lights, fans, toll plazas, light signs and the like. Electricity that must otherwise be produced via the bus’ generator, where it costs 1 liter of diesel to produce 1 kWh of electricity. This expense and wear on the generator and batteries are eliminated with power from the solar cells sent through advanced proprietary E8 certified charge controllers.

The brand’s concept consists of pre-packaged CIGS “plug and play” sets which are distributed to workshops and bus owners in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Another Green Energy brand which will also be distributed through EuroPart Nordic in the future is which specializes in solutions within the trucks. This can be a supplement to the power supply on, for example, electric trucks that are equipped with consumers such as tailgate or similar. But it can also be the supply of power for monitoring equipment or the operation of refrigeration machines. This is also about finished CIGS “plug and play” sets that go out to workshops and hauliers in Denmark. Sweden and Finland.

It is a comprehensive and exciting agreement that also ensures further development of “plug and play” sets in collaboration with EuroPart Nordic to solve even more challenges for customers.

“We are proud and also humbled that EuroPart Nordic has chosen us as a supplier of these products and we look forward to the collaboration”
Says CEO of Green Energy, Karl Andreassen.


About EuroPart Nordic:
With 22 stores / departments in Denmark, Sweden and Finland and a staff of 200, EuroPart Nordic is a crucial player in the distribution of spare parts and solutions for workshops and haulage companies in the countries in question.

With thousands of item numbers distributed efficiently and quickly to customers along with an innovative approach, the company has established itself as a reliable partner in quality products for the transportation industry.
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About Green Energy:
Green Energy / MIPV.PRO is the world leader in Mobile Integrated Photo-Voltaic in other words solar cell solutions for everything that can move, ships, vans, buses, trucks and campers.
Green Energy is a Norwegian parent company with a group of Norwegian and Danish investors, with a subsidiary operating a central warehouse in Vejle, Denmark.
The company has in-house developed products in its own brand within charge controllers, inverters, fuses, isolating relays, lithium batteries and large power banks for crafts and industry.

Battery bank products are being developed for use by Husqvarna, Makita and other brands. The products are sold through major wholesalers. In addition, leasing agreements are offered.

The company’s brands cover, among other things:

Further information contact director:
Karl Andreassen
Phone: +45 93 206 207

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