New high-efficiency Lithium battery – with extreme performance

Genuine professional lithium battery solutions are seldom offered to the public post-installation for lifts, inverters, hydraulic motors or other installations requiring extremely high voltage.

It is an industry typically characterised by cheap and simple products with a short service life.

But, now you have access to the genuine article, is offering a lithium battery build for the professional user who is looking for the ultimate.  A battery that is normally only found in specialist transport and Heavy Duty vehicles.

Designed in Denmark and patented, due to its superior output.

Lithium battery

Weighing 22 kg, our product is also aimed at campers, boat owners etc. where weight and size are important factors.

Our lithium battery is designed in Denmark and patented, due to its superior output.

  • Long service life, 8000 full cycles (full charging/discharging)
  • 200 Ah i.e., 2.5 kWh usable power.  (Equivalent to 400 Ah AGM or lead battery)
  • Vastpower, continuous charging and discharging up to 250A (500A peak), therefore, you can use a 12V-220V inverter on 3000W together with this battery no problem, and the battery can receive all the power your generator or solar cell system can produce.
  • No maintenance, long service life, 3-years’ full warranty.
  • Highlevel of safety, advanced BMS protectionLiFePO4 cells, so no fire risk, not even if it is involved in a collision etc.
  • Can be both series connected and parallel connected. 
  • Has patented BMS technology which means that the battery can be connected in a series of 4 or 10 in parallel without needing a balance box or a visit from specialist technicians the world’s first intelligent BMS.
  • Low self-discharge speed of 3% per month when idle
  • Broad operating temperature range, minimises gradual charging down to -5 degrees, but can cope with discharging down to -20 degrees.     Operating temperature up to +65 degrees.
  • Environmentally-friendly and green production, can be fully recycled.
  • Lightweight, easier to transport and simple operation.   22 kg total weight
  • Built-in Bluetooth, can monitor product status immediately through the mobile APP *.
    Supports both iPhone and Android smart phones. *
Lithium battery

You can download the battery manual here – download it here. is a global company with a central warehouse in Vejle, we are supported by both the Norwegian innovation foundation and the Danish growth foundation.

We put our words into action and our products are environmentally-friendly and 100 percent recyclable.

Moreover, we focus intensely on ensuring that our products have a “second life”. Used components are reused and used for, for example, generating electricity in developing countries.

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