Motorhome show in Denmark 2021

There was overwhelming interest in our products at the successful motorhome exhibition in Fredericia, Denmark

The show, the largest of its kind in Denmark, was held over the weekend of 12–14 November 2021, and – of course – Green Energy/ was in attendance. Jan Dupont, Jens Ottosen and Per Schmeltz were on hand to impart their knowledge and demonstrate our products. With just under 10,000 guests over the weekend, there was frantic activity from the moment the gates opened to the public.

There was a great deal of interest in our stand, where we showed and bent solar cell panels in front of our guests, who watched in amazement as our representatives trampled around on the laid out panels.

Motorhome show

Seeing with your hands

The numerous curious onlookers were able to pick up and handle our products, as well as being shown what the products are capable of. In motorhomes, as in many other vehicles, weight and wind resistance are important factors.

Our solar cell panels, with a thickness of 3 mm including the adhesive, provide no wind resistance when fitted to the roof. A complete 160 Wp solar cell set weighs around 10 kg.

Find out more about the various sets here.

Motorhome show

Safety first

Another issue that was often raised was that of safety, with regard to both fitting and fire risk. In terms of fitting, people could see for themselves how securely our panels were attached, and with a performance guarantee of 25 years the panels will last for the lifetime of the motorhome.

The risk of fire is also eliminated, thanks to the flexible adhesive, special design of the panels and special charge controller that protects against overcharging.                        

Find out more about fire risk in this video.

Motorhome show

Save and be green

There was also a great deal of interest in our special camping inverter, which automatically switches between the power you generate from the solar cells and that from the main grid. The Danish/German-developed inverter ensures that you automatically have the cheapest power. The inverter supplies a 100% pure sine wave, which guarantees that any connected electronics are not destroyed.

This ‘hands-on’ experience led to many referrals to our close partners, including Vejle Caravans, Åbybro Camping, Slagelse Camping and Outdoor, which offer both sales and fitting if you do not wish to do the fitting yourself.  If you wish to do your own fitting, sets can be purchased from EUROPART.

At Green Energy/, we are sure that you will be seeing many more new sets of solar cells on the roads in the future, and we would like the thank the organisers for a fantastic event.

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