Mobile integrated solar panels – new cooperation in Hungary

Highly efficient solar cells for the craftsmen, sailors, camping, and transport industry are now possible in Hungary, in a collaboration between EUROPART and Green Energy/

EUROPART and Green Energy/ offer you an innovative concept that is green, sustainable and CO2-friendly. In this way, your batteries will always be charged. The solution is called MIPV (Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic).

This new solar panel technology generates electricity even at the lowest light intensity, even before our eyes perceive the light. The panels are not shadow sensitive and can withstand rugged treatment.

Our technical solutions are all Plug and Play and can be installed on vehicles such as:

• Trucks
• Trailers/semi-trailers
• Buses
• Vans
• Emergency vehicles
• Motorhomes
• Caravans
• Boats
• As well as stationary facilities, containers and other equipment

In this way, for example, a carpenter will always be able to maintain power for tools and machines, as well as reduce wear and tear on the batteries of his van, and the truck driver can live in his truck cab.

Our collaboration also includes the sale of solar cells on the Hungarian market, and we are looking forward to getting started. Do you want to join this green wave?

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