Hear Max Hunt talk about his choice of solar panels

Max Hunt has removed the crystalline solar panels from his container and instead installed the CIGS solar panel solution from Green Energy/MIPV.Pro

Currently, the market is flooded with questionable products, and many are misled by the wrong technology, mistakenly thinking that they should install crystalline solar panels on their vehicles.

Max Hunt was in a similar situation when he opted for the cheapest solar panel solution to install on top of his container during construction. He installed four panels, and now, five years later, three of them have broken. There’s a simple reason for this.

CIGS panels for vehicles

Crystalline solar panels are designed for static use only and cannot withstand vibrations. Exposing them to vibrations results in microcracks and hotspots, which reduce efficiency and pose a significant fire hazard.

For this reason, Max Hunt has chosen to replace the damaged c-Si panels with flexible CIGS solar panels. He already knows the quality of this solar solution because his workshop container, covered with CIGS solar panels, has traveled the world with these flexible panels. Even at the 2023 Paris-Dakar Rally, the solution proved its worth. It has delivered green power across countries, time zones, and climates, ensuring significant environmental and economic savings for Max Hunt.

Are you interested in flexible CIGS solar cells for your vehicle? 

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The Green Energy/MIPV.pro solar solution is sold in over 50 countries. With EUROPART’s large dealer and installer network around the world, you can easily find a solution that ensures reliability and helps you reduce CO2 emissions.

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