Lady Godiva – a dream became reality

Follow-up on a sailing trip around the world with the sailing boat Lady Godiva. Read about the Danish family’s odyssey and their delight with the exceptional equipment.

Back in August, a Danish family set sail on the adventure of a lifetime, and Green Energy/ is proud to have supplied the solar cells for their sailing boat. There has been some fantastic feedback from the crew of Lady Godiva and it gives us great pleasure to share it with you.

Lady Godiva

High performance

“We are over the moon with the set-up. It starts charging as soon as the smallest ray of sunshine appears in the sky and when it is at its peak I have seen it providing 20 AMPS. It’s no stretch of the imagination to think that the system has charged more amps without me noticing – we make unfettered use of the power 😉 I mean, the converter is running constantly, we make popcorn in the microwave, the refrigerator and the freezers are also running constantly (and they run away with power). We have never gone without power when we have been sailing, and that’s the most important thing,” says Christian Bertelsen, Lady Godiva.

Moreover, I am delighted that overcast parts of the sky do not hamper consumption other than in the section that is clouded over. I had a chat with another Danish sailing boat owner who has “ordinary” solar cells and he was constantly losing 100w due to the fact that he had positioned his radar in such a way that it always cast a shadow on the solar panels. (He had positioned the radar in the middle of the Targa bar with solar cells on either side). And he was rather envious when I told him about how my system works with regard to clouds,” explains Christian Bertelsen, Lady Godiva.

Practical and smart design

“I am also pleased that it doesn’t have to be cleaned and is thus durable in its design and the materials used. There are times when it is in full swing and the whole thing twists and moves about, so it is a great comfort to know that the material can withstand that. It also results in huge amounts of deposits as there is considerably more salt content in the water, and that doesn’t have to be cleaned either. Likewise, it is nice that there is no rim on the solar panels – they will just collect water and debris – in our case, it just slides off effortlessly”.

Lady Godiva

“We have encountered several other boats on our travels – all of them making their way out into the big, wide world – and they all have solar cells installed. But I haven’t seen any that look as good as ours,” Exclaims Christian Bertelsen, Lady Godiva.

Best wishes, 

Christian and the rest of the Lady Godiva crew

Lady Godiva
The family enjoy a couple of days in Muros before the next stop, which is Vigo.

We at Green Energy/ look forward to following the crew of Lady Godiva on their onward journey and wish them endless sunshine and the fairest of winds. Follow the family on Facebook: Sailing Lady Godiva.

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