Josef Paul GmbH & Co. KG invests in CIGS solar cell technology

The business group, Josef Paul GmbH & Co. KG is investing in CIGS solar cell technology from Danish Green Energy

The Paul Group conglomerate (comprising Josef Paul GmbH & Co. KG, Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, Insisto GmbH and E-VADE GmbH) has decided on a CIGS solar system from the Scandinavian manufacturer Green Energy A/S in collaboration with EUROPART Germany.


Josef Paul GmbH & Co. KG’s focus is on sales and service of Mercedes Benz, as well as sales and service of motorhomes from the Erwin Hymer Group. Josef Paul is headquartered in the southern German city of Passau and is one of region’s largest dealers. The company’s business department deals with the construction, conversion and extension of vehicles and offers unique solutions for special vehicles.


Following technical training from Green Energy’s German consultants, they will undertake their first installations in trucks and motorhomes this spring, in Passau. Meanwhile, the Paul group is certified as a service point in the region for the installation of Green Energy’s MIPV products in buses, trucks and motorhomes.

We look forward to a positive collaboration!

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