J&W Glob Service ensures continuity

Professional truck repair is the specialty of J&W Glob Service. Their service has now become greener with the installation of solar panels on one of their service vans

Since 2016 the Polish company J&W Glob Service, based in the Polish town of Poznań, has provided fast and efficient service to their clients. In case of an accident or the need for repair on an especially heavy truck, the company sends one of its service trucks directly to the location.

By implementing flexible solutions, the company has now taken a step towards carbon neutrality by installing solar panels from Green Energy/MIPV.pro on the roof of the first of the company’s 20 vans.

Good service on the European market

With a mobile service that covers Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands 24/7, the company’s 45 employees always have a lot to do. The company is always aware of bettering the qualifications of their workers and gathering knowledge about the latest solutions used in heavy load transportation. All service trucks are equipped with power tools, welding machines, and compressors. This is where solar panels are useful.

J&W Global Service ensures continuity

A green solution to the benefit of employees and clients

Bartek Jankowski, Polish country manager at Green Energy/MIPV.pro, helped with the installation of a 190 Wp solar panel set, a 3000 W amplifier, inverter, and 200 AMP lithium battery in a Fiat Ducato.  

When the owner of J&W Glob Service, Włodzimierz Woźniak, is asked about the reason for choosing products from Green Energy/MIPV.pro, the answer is: “This is an amazing solution because it provides us with additional power that is also carbon neutral. We know that tools run dry while you work. This often happens on the road where you don’t have access to the power grid. Our business partner EUROPART Polska informed us about these products”, Włodzimierz Woźniak summarises.

We congratulate J&W Global Service on their first installation of solar panels.

Learn more about the company: www.naprawatir24.pl

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J&W Global Service ensures continuity

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