Green Energy expands with new Sales Director

PRESS RELEASE: Both Danish and Norwegian investors in the Green Energy Scandinavia are now investing significant amounts in the product development and expanding with new competencies to provide the Green Energy Scandinavia a high-profile sales director.
At the same time, a professional board of directors has been created, consisting of board members that are handpicked within the Green Tech environment and industry.
Green Energy aims for massive growth in the year 2021.

Green Energy Scandinavia is pleased to announce that the company, in line with our long-term development plans, combined with the request of our investors, Green Energy Scandinavia has of 1st. July 2020 expanded the company by hiring a new Sales Director with the responsibility for sales and networking in Denmark, as well as maintain distributor agreements abroad.

After a thorough selection process, we are proud to welcome Per Schmeltz into our fast-growing company. Green Energy Scandinavia has since the beginning had a tight focus on the development of unique quality products within MIPV.PRO solar energy solutions for mobile units, i.e. solar energy options for buses, vans, trucks, trailers, caravans, and yachts.

At present, it is time for the company to expand on the market with a comprehensive focus on marketing and sales of our green products on the Danish market, as well as abroad. This will be carried out primarily in cooperation with large wholesalers who specialize in the relevant sectors for our products.

Per Schmeltz
Per Schmeltz, new Sales Director at Green Energy Scandinavia

Per Schmeltz recently came from a management position as the: International Sales Director at Global Passenger Network (GPN) where he was responsible for the coordination of 38 Members States’ sale forces, networking meetings, participation in international trade shows, as well as management the sales and marketing of the network’s services within passenger transport.

After studying at EAC, University of Copenhagen and service in the Danish military, Per Schmeltz entered as international car rental first at Europcar, after Europcar Per Schmeltz had a fast career at Hertz A/S as Training Manager, Operations Manager, Sales & Marketing Director, where he finished as Vice President, responsible for activities in Denmark and Norway.

At Hertz A/S, Per Schmeltz, in cooperation with the Municipality of Copenhagen, he started the first car-sharing operations in Denmark with the aim to reduce the number of cars in big cities globally. Car sharing operations are at the present time widespread throughout Denmark.

After 12 years in transportation was the main focus was on car rental, leasing, and innovative development in care sharing, Per Schmeltz was headhunted as Vice President Scandinavia for Transamerica Finance Leasing, where he was the manager of Transamerica’s fleet with over 3,000 heavy transport trailers in Denmark and Sweden. Regards to the Vice President position at Transamerica Finance Leasing, Per Schmeltz changed resident from Zealand to Jutland, specifically Kolding.
Transamerica Trailer Leasing A/S was later sold to Goldman Sachs.

Per Schmeltz was appointed to Sales Director at CL Trailer Leasing A/S, a division of Container Leasing Limited UK. In this position, Per Schmeltz started among other things, a project in cooperation with DSV on the production of trailers in China.

Per Schmeltz’s experiences in the leasing and rental business, in addition to managing projects and networks, Per Schmeltz’s was contacted for the development of a new network of Premium tourist bus companies in Denmark, managed by Vikingbus A/S in Copenhagen. Within a few years, the new premium bus services became a huge success with 14 coach haulers and several suppliers in the network. Vikingbus A/S was acquired by Stromma in Sweden, a company specializing in the tourism industry. Here, Per Schmeltz was associated with the membership of GPN and later became a board member and was finally offered the position of International Sales Director.

Per was pleased to join Green Energy, as he states:
“Our world is built around fossil fuels and this is changing in lightning speed towards Green energy, that will be exposed politically as one of the greatest expectations, challenges, and changes within the next few years!

The company’s products are the best I have seen on the market and the solutions can be immediately implemented to reduce CO2-emissions.

The best part of the green solutions is that serious companies now have a quick way to promote and enforce their green profiles just by picking up the lowest hanging fruits. Moreover, after many years in traditional passenger and freight transport, the position in Green Energy Scandinavia is personal satisfaction, because I will be professionally involved in this green transition, a transformation we all can be a part of. Green Energy has the best solution on the market today – and tomorrow the company resources are ready to get lifted with new initiatives within a
a direct and rapid approach to product development within Green Energy’s very dedicated employees

In the selection in the new position, Green Energy has emphasized Per Schmeltz extensive experience in project management, leasing, sales, marketing, and network building. Within networks, Per Schmeltz has built a variety of interesting relationships, both in Denmark and abroad, where Per Schmeltz business relations are important regards to the roll-out of our green solutions, in the transport sector.

Per Schmeltz has also been a member of Rotary, VL50 group, on the Advisory Board at Nordea Finance, and held several board positions. Finally, Per Schmeltz has and will contribute with energy and a very open mind regards to new business opportunities due to his mindset and business perspective.

Per Schmeltz is therefore the perfect match for our employees, with his positive mind that influence on people around him, furthermore Per Schmeltz has a great networking gene, where work ethic is honest and realistic in sales and collaboration. Those attributes and values combined with long work experience, we as a company are looking forward to providing the best to our customers and business partners.

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Green Energy is the world leader within Mobile Integrated Photo-Voltaic, in other words, we provide solar solutions for everything that can move such as; ships, vans, buses, trucks, and campers.

Green Energy is a Norwegian company with ownership of Norwegian and Danish investors, with a subsidiary that operates in the central warehouse in Vejle, Denmark.

The company has proprietary products in its own brand within charge controllers, inverters, fuses, separators, lithium batteries, and large power banks for craft and industry.

Our Green energy products are developed for products such as Husqvarna, Makita, and other brands. Green Energy products are sold through major wholesalers. In addition, leasing agreements are offered.

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Karl Andreassen
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