Intelligent and compact Booster designed for Euro 6 – Euro 7

Scandinavian-developed Booster remedies problems with charging consumer lithium batteries from a vehicle’s generator

When there is a will, there is a way! Green Energy/ has developed a Booster that ensures charging of external consumer lithium batteries while driving with, among others, Euro 6, Euro 6+ and higher.


Increasing environmental requirements and new technology cause the generator in Euro 6, 6+ and 7 vehicles to charge all the way down to 10.8 V in their charging algorithms, and lithium batteries need to use 14.6 V. At the same time, a conventional isolating relay opens at 12.8V, hence it has become a necessity to have a DC/DC converter = Booster, which tackles these new challenges.

This smart Booster (DC/DC converter) converts all the way down from 9 V to 14.6 V, and makes use of the generator’s spare capacity to generate power for the consumer battery.

You are thus ensured that the battery is charged 100 % – in contrast to 75 % – or not at all without a Booster. That the battery has been fully charged is in turn of substantial significance when the vehicle is not being driven as it is crucial to how many tools you can charge from the external lithium battery.

The Booster replaces the conventional isolating relay, while ensuring at the same time that there is no connection between the consumer battery and the vehicle’s starting battery.

In contrast to other Boosters on the market, which must have a wire to the ignition, this Booster from Green Energy/ is intelligent and determines on its own when the generator is running and has spare capacity. 

The intelligent technology, as well as the compact size (length 24 cm, width 13 cm and height 5 cm), makes it easy to mount in the vehicle.


The Booster is indispensable for charging lithium consumer batteries directly from the vehicle’s generator.

This solution can also be combined with one of our solar cell sets, so you are not only guaranteed charging while driving, but also when the vehicle is standing still, where running an idling engine is not desirable. You can find out more about our plug-and-play set here.

Our Booster is available in two versions, one for our patented 12V / 200Ah Lithium battery.

A special Booster 9 V – 58 V has been developed for our patented Black Box solution.
Black Box is always used in a combination of a Booster and solar cells, see more here.

This Booster, and all other products from Green Energy/ are E-certified, hence installation does not change the vehicle’s factory warranty.

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