A solar-powered game-changer for Innek Montage

Solar power makes Innek Montage’s workdays effortless. Even after an accident, solar power was the obvious choice for their new company car

Kenny, the owner of Innek Montage, and his brother often face the challenge of working in places where power is not readily available. Just like many other tradesmen, they rely on power tools to carry out their work efficiently. To solve this challenge, they have implemented a CIGS solar solution mounted on the roof of their service vehicle.

Never going without again

This is not the first time Kenny has chosen to invest in solar energy. Already three years ago, he installed our CIGS solar solution on his company car and experienced the countless benefits of having access to clean and sustainable energy. When he was recently forced to use a loaner car for an extended period due to an accident, he had no doubt what to do: implement the solar solution on his new company car.

“I spread the word about solar panels on vans widely, because the working day is just so much easier with the solar solution. I always have the power I need,” Kenny says with a smile. He’s convinced it’s an investment worth making, and it’s not just about the environmental aspect. While he’s committed to reducing his company’s environmental impact, it’s also the practical side of things that counts. “The working day is generally easier,” he adds.

A future-proof solution

It’s not just Kenny who benefits from the solar solutions. He can easily track how much he’s saving on fuel and CO2 emissions thanks to our new charge controller with datalogger. This allows him to document his company’s green commitment in an objective way, so it’s not just his words that count. Innek Montage shows with their use of CIGS solar solutions that sustainability is not only about protecting the environment, but also about making the working days easier and more efficient for business owners like Kenny.

You can read more about the company here.

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