Huge congratulations to HedeDanmark

Today they take their new solar powered battery equipment into use in the first car. HedeDanmark has recognized, like so many others in the green industry, that the future is electric. Therefore, they have turned to Vejle where Green Energi is based.

HedeDanmark is a large landscaping company that solves all types of tasks and works for state, municipalities and private companies where they handle many different tasks.

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They have had a CIGS solar cell mounted on top of the toolbox which is both impact resistant and partially resistant to shadows. Why this type and technology is suitable in the green segment can be seen in this little video:

The solar cell on the roof can be supplemented with an extra solar cell that can be rolled out and laid on the ground or hung up. a 95W solar cell of this type weighs only 2 kg.

A larger consumable battery and separating relay are fitted so that the consumable battery can also be recharged by the car when the engine is running.


Inside the cabin one of the well-known inverters is mounted on 1000W with remote control so that charging equipment can be connected here. INSPIRATION with the desire for a green future.

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