Hager is Green International Transport

Hager Internationale Transporte equals transport with care. It goes without saying that they drive a solar-powered fleet

The company’s fleet heads out from the HQ in the town of Wörgl in the beautiful state of Tyrol in Austria. It’s a clear vision for the company to implement the latest fuel and CO2 reductions on the market. This has led to an installment of solar cells on the roof of their fleet.

From company takeover to international business partner

It all started in 1986 when Franz Hager took over the Mühlegger company. In 1998, he renamed the company to its current name, reflecting the new ownership. The company starts specializing in transport between Germany and Italy. Since then, the Austrian family-owned transport and logistics company has built a solid expertise in truck transport in both full container loads (FCL) and fewer container loads (LCL).

In 2014, several significant events took place in the company. They moved to their current HQ and expanded to multiple European countries. In November of the same year, Franz Hager’s sons, David og Sebastian Hager, took over the business management.

Increasing growth in employees, work areas, and fleet

With a doubling of employees at the office and in the workshop, the company continuously upgrades to comply with the many transport jobs. The fleet is growing in numbers and size. The company now has 86 trucks, including semi-trailers with a side loading height of 2,60 – 2,63 meters, mega semi-trailers with a side loading height of 2,81 meters, and one-sided roof lifts of up to 3,20 meters as well as Swap-body vehicles with lengths 7,45 and 7,65.

Furthermore, the company has an automatic truck wash facility in Wörgl industrial park right by the highway. Trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, and buses can use this self-service facility.


The focus is on a sustainable business from A to Z

The company is ambitious to incorporate as many innovative solutions as possible to achieve CO2 neutrality. This is also reflected in their partnerships. Amongst other things, the company has equipped its building with a 120kWp solar power system.

The fleet consists of 12 LNG vehicles (trucks that run on natural gas. The gas is made fluid by cooling it to minus 162 degrees. Cooling reduces the gas volume significantly, more precisely to 1/600 of its original volume. This makes LNG suitable as fuel for trucks and ships). The company’s strive for new methods for reducing CO2 emissions has resulted in the first installments of solar cells on the roof of one of their trucks, a DAF – 480 XG. Mathias Richter from Green Energy/MIPV.pro was present at the installation of this 110Wp solar power system, where he talked with CEO Sebastian Hager.

“Our company has chosen to have a very green profile. We were very interested in your solution when we heard about it from EUROPART. By installing solar cells on our truck, we can test how large a fuel reduction can be achieved. Furthermore, we expect to see a prolonged life battery. The concept corresponds with our wish to implement sustainable solutions, so it was an easy choice. After the test period, we will equip more trucks,” says Sebastian Hager.

We congratulate Hager Internationale Transporte on their first installment.

Read more about the company here: www.hager-transport.com

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